David Lyon

This page contains information relating to cyber-security.


I served on the EDUCAUSE Higher Education Information Security Council's Awareness and Training working group. At the time, This group was responsible for the EDUCAUSE Security Video contest. The group has also produced a resource kit for National Cyber Security Awareness Month as well as other security awareness materials. I also contributed to the "Security Awareness Quick Start Guide" and "Model IT Security Training Materials".


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I was the campus representative for the Title V funded grant (ended 2006) entitled "Improving Access to Information Systems at Hispanic-Serving Institutions: A Cooperative Arrangement". This grant invovles several area universities including Cal Poly Pomona, where I am currently employed.

This was a multi-year grant with definable measurable outcomes that met the overall goal of increasing security awareness and hardening. Education of staff, faculty and students was a key part of this grant. Title V benefited the campuses by providing risk and vulnerability assessments, on-site technical and non-technical training, policy development, and opportunities to collaborate. It also provided funds to support the development of in-house tools. The grant also provided funds for security related certification.

Working on this grant led me to grow my knowledge in the field of information security.


GCUX Gold     GSEC Gold

Earned SANS (http://www.sans.org) GCUX and GSEC gold certifications but not current due to involvement in Learning Management Systems..

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