David Lyon

Welcome to my professional website. This site contains my Resume and some information on various technologies and projects I am or have been involved with.

< Resume

I have a detailed resume in html format. Once you are viewing the page, just click on the "print" link to print without all of the header/footer information. You may also download the PDF version.

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< Projects

I was a participant in a project to improve computer and network security awareness at several area campuses. This project was a Title V funded grant and had several goals with measurable outcomes. We conducted ongoing vulnerability assessments, trained staff, faculty, and students and worked towards hardening the campus computing infrastructure. Click on the "Security" button for more information.

Admin and CLA at Cal Poly Pomona – Copyright David Lyon

I work with the Blackboard Learning Management system at Cal Poly Pomona University. We have chosen to discontinue WebCT and provide Blackboard as our primary LMS.

You can read more about eLearning and related technology at Wikipedia. See also: eLearning Guild and eLearning Forum images/bb.gif.

< Technology

I have written many scripts in Perl and have done quite a bit of Intranet web development using Perl CGIs. I have developed the tools and methodology to rapidly deploy pages and associated CGIs. Some of these tools will be posted here when I get time.

< Perl

I am a very heavy Perl user, finding a myriad of ways to use it in my professional and private work. I also find it very useful as a tool to help manage and monitor Windows servers. Perl for Windows is available free from ActiveState.