David Lyon

Welcome to my professional website. This site contains my Resume and some information on various technologies and projects I am or have been involved with.

< Resume

I have a detailed resume in html format. Once you are viewing the page, just click on the "print" link to print without all of the header/footer information. You may also download the PDF version.

< Projects

These are just a couple of projects I have worked on.

< Technology

I have written many scripts in Perl and have done quite a bit of Intranet web development using Perl CGIs. I have developed the tools and methodology to rapidly deploy pages and associated CGIs. Some of these tools will be posted here when I get time.

< Perl

I am a very heavy Perl user, finding a myriad of ways to use it in my professional and private work. I also find it very useful as a tool to support the work I do with Learning Management Systems.